More and more people are becoming obese. Obesity is a serious form of overweight, where your Body Mass Index (BMI) exceeds 30. A healthy BMI is between 20 and 25. But even without this index, you see more and more people with severe obesity around you. This leads to the question how to treat obesity. Unfortunately, more and more children are becoming obese. And that is undesirable for many reasons.

How was that overweight?
The approach included 3 core factors, dietary changes, more physical exercise and education for parents in the area of nutrition and behavior. The 40 children of the multi-approach were regularly sent to a dietitian. The parents always kept track of what the children ate and that was always fed back to the dietitian. These 40 children also received more physical activity. They did all kinds of ball games and got movement to music. The parents of these 40 children underwent a number of sessions during which they learned to reward their children positively, but without candy. They also learned more about the difference between hunger and hunger of a child.

The consequences of overweight
Around the world, obesity is still increasing, even in children. Both for the child and for society it is particularly advisable to tackle this problem. Overweight and obesity is associated with many chronic conditions such as diabetes 2, osteoarthritis and cardiovascular disease. Obesity can also seriously impede people in their daily functioning and can have a negative impact on how someone feels. Research shows that people with overweight more often have depressive feelings than leaner people. In addition, it costs society a lot of money to combat the consequences of overweight. An operation on a worn joint, which can often occur in people who are overweight, costs hands full of money as well as the drugs to keep cholesterol and diabetes 2 under control.

You can also solve this yourself
It is therefore very important to treat obesity and overweight. Programs that contain a multidisciplinary approach aimed at lifestyle interventions prove to be effective for weight reduction. The great thing about this is that you can also develop such a program yourself.

You need some extra knowledge about healthy food and a healthy diet, some perseverance and a bit more physical activity. You can find this knowledge in the e-book Healthy Food, among other things. Also the e-book Weight Loss Change can help you.

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