10 Benefits of Jogging for Body And Mind

Jogging is one of the easiest sports activities to perform and one of the most beneficial benefits. We want you to know them!

1.- It allows to lose and control the weight. It is what is most sought after practicing this exercise, since it is an aerobic activity that increases caloric expenditure throughout the day. It is essential to lose kilos or simply or keep them. Complementing it with a diet will have better results.
2.- Fight against cellulite . The practice of going for a run allows to decrease the percentage of fat in the whole body and, therefore, the accumulation of cellulite in the area of ​​the hips, in the case of women.
3.- It helps to regenerate the muscular mass. With this exercise toning not only the legs, but also glutes and even abdomen, back and arms. This is why professionals say that, after swimming, it is one of the most complete sports and where you work more muscles.
4.- Strengthens the bones. Experts recommend that impact exercises be performed to prevent osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Running is a good method, since it improves and increases the density of the bones. In order for the result to be optimal, this must be completed with a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D.
5.- Combat stress and anxiety . The practice of exercise in general also has benefits at the mental level because its implementation incites the segregation of endorphins, known as the hormones of happiness. Therefore, running is also a good option to reduce nervous conditions.
6.- Help to rest. Relaxes the body and mind due to the segregation of endorphins. This, added to the fatigue that results from the session, is the best ally to achieve a good rest.
7.- It improves the cardiovascular and respiratory system. It also balances the respiratory rate and thus oxygenates the organism better and better. This allows, in turn, to gain physical resistance and avoid the typical drowning suffered by people who are not accustomed to sports.
8.- Avoid getting diseases. Exercise routine, in general, strengthens the body and helps increase antibodies. In the case of running, practicing it regularly decreases the chances of suffering from type II diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and obesity, common problems among people who maintain a sedentary lifestyle.
9.- Way of socialization. You can go out alone, but also accompanied. In this way you can have a good time in good company. In addition, it helps to intensify the exercise due to the challenge factor, because whenever a sport is done with someone, one tends to seek self-improvement.
10.- Improves self-esteem. Taken together, all these factors lead to a common conclusion: lift your spirits. Feeling good about yourself, relaxed and approving your own image are the foundations to gain confidence and love yourself a little more.
Have we already convinced you to practice this sport? We recommend it!

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