Green Juice For Weight Loss

The green juice can become a great ally to lose weight, since it works as detoxifying.The green juice can become a great ally to lose weight , because it helps your body will gradually eliminating it does not need, that is why they are also known as detoxifying juice. In addition to that it serves to accelerate the metabolism and burn fat faster.

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Drink the juice before breakfast to make a greater effect on your body and you can lose weight faster. In addition to that during the day will give you a feeling of fullness, which will cause you are not so much biting between hours.

Ingredients of green juice to lose weight

- 1 stalk of celery in pieces 
- 6 leaves of spinach 
- 1/2 cucumber without peel and without seeds 
- 2 tablespoons of fresh parsley 
- Juice of half a lemon 
(You can add water to make the juice more liquid)

All you have to do is wash the vegetables well, peel the cucumber and liquefy. It will depend on you if you add a little water or ice so that the green juice to lose weight takes the consistency that you like the most.
The properties of this green juice facilitates the absorption of sugars, which allows maintaining control of blood glucose and avoiding cardiovascular diseases.

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