How to Lose Belly: Myths or Truths

"I'm fine with everything, I just want to get out of here," if you're one of the few mortals who has not said this phrase: you're lucky or you leave the skin in the gym in addition to eating a proper diet and not abuse too much of the beers . The dream of many is to remove from here and put there, but above all remove from where it is left. In men it is more than common for fat to accumulate in the abdominal area, just as in women this occurs more evenly and homogeneously. This has a genetic and biological explanation, and yes: men and women are different even in that, regardless of who may be.
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But what is not known so widely is that localized fat is something that can not be eliminated in isolation with only exercise and diet, we can not choose where to burn and where not . The body consumes calories globally and if there is a caloric deficit caused by the effects of the union of diet and exercise becomes thinner.
In some people, the fat will go faster on one side and slower on the other, but there is no panacea to extract or eradicate clusters of fat in a chosen way without disrupting or influencing the general thinning of the body , unless we resort to to liposuction, surgical extractions, aesthetic medicine equipment ( but that's already cheating ).

Of course there are several types of fat and phases of it. When we talk about abdominal fat is usually hard or visceral fat, it can be placed superficially or surround the organs . This second type or placement of the adipocyte is more dangerous because it is related to cardivas and cardiac problems. So to avoid falling into myths or waste time and energy we are going to knock down some making it clear how we can eliminate fat effectively and how far we can act manually.


- You take more fiber and water, improve the frequency of going to the bathroom and avoid constipation.
- You drink water, infusions and liquid (no, not worth beer) to help eliminate retention and drain.
- You eat foods that favor drainage like artichokes, pineapple, asparagus ...
- You maintain a healthy diet not high in fats or sugars, nor what results in them and exercise.
- The wall of the abdomen will be smoothed if you work the area. Exercises such as plates, oblique or several crunches will flatten at the muscular level but will not burn or waste the reserves of that area. The heart burns calories globally, but not you do not choose where to take.
- Neither with reducing creams, nor firming, neither heat effect nor cold effect ... Yes it is achieved with some a cosmetic result tensor effect, smoothing, but you will never burn fat with a cream or cosmetic.
- Doing only sit-ups if there is no balance between exercise and diet that causes a caloric deficit that stimulates fat loss, but this will be global and not the abdominal area exclusively. If your weak point is the gut you will have to strengthen or emphasize the core and abdomen area, but not focus only on a training in that area.
- Going crazy with cardio or just doing cardiovascular exercise, ideally a combination of this but also strength.
- Going the easy way. To have a flat belly we will have to reduce the percentage of global fat of our body while toning, once this number is in the correct index is when the reserves of the gut or the area that you accumulate will be more reduced. But all this is a long process with your change of habits, it is not a matter of doing a couple of exercises or two weeks killing crunches. Everything costs and the best thing is to get used to a habit of healthy life with a long term maintenance.
Yes, changing progressively is the first step with results that last over time. So they are not bad news, but you do not live in an unreal world of flat guts and ix packson offer.

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