Some Stairs Can Be Your GYM

Every time we know we have more clear that gyms are places that make things easier for you, but they are also subject to schedules and fees that maybe we do not want to pay for several reasons. One of the great advantages of good weather is that the street is your sports center, or you can become it if you know how to do it. Body weight training began to be a trend a couple of years ago and everything continues on that line, this has a very good positive side because it is really proven that we can do almost anything without spending money or going to a sports club.

Photo by Clique Images on Unsplash

So the first task is that you look for stairs on the street that are lonely and with a step not too high (they are not worth the stands of a sports center whose height is too big) and put on your sports clothes. To the mess!


1- The HIIT is one of the best things to do there, simply upload them quickly and repeat the series you can with two minutes of rest between upload and upload. But we can do it fast, running, and even jumping with our feet together (this is a killer), going up and down the same step as fast as you can in a minute of time.

The cardiovascular part of high intensity is completely covered with a few steps. We can leave it for the end after all the strength part and thus influence more in the burning of fats.

2- Arm flexes: from ascending (with the body looking in the direction of climbing the ladder, the feet are supported on the steps below and the hands are the most superior), this would be a level for beginners. But if we want to increase the intensity we will choose the descending ones, which are just the opposite. Your body looks down the stairs as if you were going down. Here the tension and weight are greater because we endure much more body burden.

3- Striking with one leg: these are made on the steps and can be raised and moving or static, here we would simply jump to change from one leg to another but we would not climb steps but we would stay in place.

4- Triceps bottoms: they are incredible to gain strength in these muscles. In the video that follows, they are explained much better so that you can get them right. Instead of a bench, we would lean on a step but this is not the last or very close to the ground to get a certain height and have freedom of movement.

5- Squats with a jump up. They improve leg power a lot because combined with the jump we will demand much more from our legs as well as gain stability throughout our core.

6- Drop jump: it is no other than falling from a step and as soon as we touch the ground to take a powerful vertical jump, we are advised that it is a good exercise for runners.

What are you waiting for to put this type of training into practice? All the most important areas and muscle groups will be covered.

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