Exercise To Fight Back Pain

Lumbar pain is common due to poor posture or lack of exercise, but we can avoid them and, in passing, save money from the physio.

How will not our back hurt? We spend a lot of time in the office sitting, looking at the computer (usually with a pretty bad posture, and we do not even realize it), we are nervous and stressed, we do not do enough physical exercise, we carry bags, backpacks, and bags that seem to carry stones in their inside ... all that affects our lumber . We arrived ground at the end of the day.

Of course, going to a physiotherapist may be a good idea to get rid of those annoying pains, but we can also do something to avoid them. And that "something" is physical exercise. After training remember that you have to stretch always, because it will leave you as new and your muscles will recover, because the lactic acid in this way is reabsorbed more quickly, avoiding stiffness.
Workouts to strengthen the back are essential to avoid pain
Coach Larissa DiDio explains it in ' Prevention': the problem is that, on many occasions, we focus too much on the front of our body. We work the abdominals, the arms, the quadriceps, but we always forget about the back. "Just add it to your training routine," he explains. "That way you'll get used to it quickly and you can do it twice a week, for example."
What does it consist of? Keep in mind, first of all, that the back is very delicate and if you have any pinching or pain, the use of dumbbells can aggravate it. But if you want to strengthen it and you are in shape, do not hesitate, you will notice it when it comes to taking the shopping bags or your children.

Rowing with dumbbells

There are many modalities of this exercise. Leaning forward, with both dumbbells, lifting them to the top of the arms, leaving them parallel to the body and lowering them later. There is also the modality doing a squat, with the knees bent , lifting the dumbbells straight up. You can alternate them and use one weight in an arm or both. That is not a bad idea either.

The lunge

Larissa can think of another position: the thrust. "Direct your left leg forward, right leg back and hold the weight in the right hand, the other hand can rest on the left thigh, bend both knees and advance the left, while the hand with the weight rises to the left. the ceiling". The ideal according to the coach is to do three sets of ten or 12 repetitions. Here is the same modality but without bending the knee that is not ahead (which you can do with weights or dumbbells and not necessarily with kettlebell). Then change the leg and arm that holds the weight.


The stretch

Last but not less important. It is essential to stretch your back when finishing a workout, although when you wake up, after sleeping, it is not a bad idea either. Hold on to the wall or some column that you have at hand and try to touch your feet with your head. Okay, we know it's very unlikely that you're going to get it , but it's a good way to stretch. The posture of the yoga cobra also reinforces the lower part of the back. A) Yes:
Try to fight the pain by adding these steps to your daily exercise routine and we guarantee that, little by little, you will notice many improvements. To take care of the back we only have one.

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