How to Lose All Stomach Fat in Just Two Months

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If you are trying to get rid of abdominal fat you will have realized how long it takes to disappear. But with these tricks, everything will be easier (and faster). If you manage to create a calorie deficit and maintain it, you will lose excess fat in any part of the body.

If you have thought about reducing the annoying fat accumulated in your belly, you will surely want to see results as soon as possible. Moreover, many times we are disappointed to see that although we strive and give all of us, the weight does not fall on the scale. Actually, losing weight successfully takes time, that is undeniable, so the first thing that will be tested will be your patience.

It seems a bit difficult, does not it? In addition, one of the drawbacks is that it is very difficult to reduce only the fat in a single point, in this case in the belly. And you know that killing abdominals every morning is not 100 percent effective either. All you have to do is avoid certain foods that swell your belly and perform specific exercises. Then we will see the eight steps proposed by ' Pop Sugar ' to end the hateful gut.

Eat fewer calories

You've probably always heard that weight loss consists of 80% diet and 20% exercise. "You have to burn more calories than you eat," says Kimberly Gomer, director of a major nutrition center. "If you manage to create a calorie deficit and keep it, you will lose excess fat in any part of the body." Consult specialized dieticians to know with certainty if you are restricting the number of calories. However, it does not only matter how much you buy but also the quality. You need to focus on high-nutrient foods: green leafy vegetables, no starch and, above all, lots of fruit.

No sugar

Sugar is a substance in which calories are very concentrated and has virtually no nutritional value. So not only will it cause you to accumulate extra kilos, but the fat will also tend to be stored faster in the womb. In addition, sugar increases insulin levels, which is directly related to obesity. This can also lead to resistance to this hormone, which will result in additional storage of abdominal fat.

Beware of cereals

Like sugar, cereals increase blood insulin levels, which can lead to weight gain. "To eliminate belly fat, you must eliminate bread and white rice from your diet, and replace them with whole foods, such as oats, barley, quinoa or brown rice," says Gomer. In addition to being high in calories, they are not satiating, so it is very easy to end up eating too much of these foods.

Eat more fiber

Complex carbohydrates such as peas, lentils or chickpeas are full of fiber and are needed to help reduce belly fat. Nor do you need to consume large quantities: the expert says that with only six grams a day and you can give for satisfied. The bread, always integral. And fresh fruit such as bananas or kiwis will not only fill you with fiber, but they will also charge you with vitamins, which will make you feel more vital and full of energy.

Strength training

Many people believe that to lose weight you should focus on cardio exercises. And it's true since cardio can help you establish that calorie deficit, but lifting weights will make the loss continuous and long-term. Strength workouts will help you build muscle, and greater muscle mass will cause you to burn calories much faster. As always, the level of effort should be progressive. If you are not familiar with this type of physical activity, it is best to start at the bottom to add kilos to each passing day.


High-intensity interval exercise (HIIT) is the best form of physical activity aimed at losing body fat. In addition, they will take you very little time a day, so you have no excuse. You can perform burpees, squats or push-ups. You can also go outside and alternate moments of rest or slow walking with sprints of thirty minutes.


This English contraction of "non-exercise activity thermogenesis" (NEAT) is a technique that converts domestic activities into a real physical exercise. For example, gardening. "Sometimes it is completely forgotten, but it is a powerful tool for fat loss," says Gomer. You do not need to sign up for the gym or spend a few hours a day running. Just focus daily tasks from the burning of calories. If you have small children, losing weight will be inevitable due to the physical requirement that requires being with them.

Get enough sleep

While diet and exercise are important for fat loss, many people tend to overlook the other important habit-related habit: sleeping. Science has already shown that lack of sleep can increase the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. "When you feel deprived of sleep, cortisol levels increase to keep the body in full performance," observes the expert. "It's likely that you will experience fatigue and have more cravings, as well as feeling less energetic, which will affect your effectiveness in the gym and your eating plan."

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