The things of sex that nobody talks about but that happen frequently

Sex is not like in movies. Sometimes, in full slaughter, millions of uncomfortable situations can happen that will make us think "land, get me"

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Generally, when we watch a movie, the sex scene is perfect. It sounds suggestive music, the two protagonists get between the sheets (dresses), a prey of desire, and little else because there usually ends the scene and we passed the next morning, when the characters, surprised, wake up remembering what they did the night before. Real-life is a little more complicated and probably not so fanciful.
We have decided to collect some of the most uncomfortable situations in which we can find ourselves when we are in the middle of work and nobody wants to talk about it or dares to do so. Not everything is fireworks. You probably feel identified with any of these or have even worse anecdotes in your particular repertoire.

You sweat too much

This is what P tells us. 30 years old: "I do not know about you, but I sweat a lot when I do it, so much so that drops fall on my girl's face, which is not very erotic and can give up a certain amount of surprise, " she says.
Does something similar happen to you? Here, there is little to do, the interviewee says that both take it naturally and laugh at it, without a doubt the best that can be done.

The shower

According to respondents is not as comfortable as it seems in the movies. "It really is a pain," says M. 22 years old. "Water is not a lubricant, you open it and it is either very cold or very hot, you can slip ... come on, you better not try it".


They are also a classic. At the least indicated time, when you are doing, your cat hears strange noises and decides to enter the scene to check that everything is fine. And you can change the word cat by a dog ​​that the result will remain the same. They simply watch you while you do not know very well whether to continue or cut the roll.
"Once," says M. "I was doing it with my boy when my cat jumped on the bed and licked his butt. It did not sound very funny, although I did."

The face you put

Sometimes it is difficult to hold the laughter when you observe the face of your partner at the moment of climax. "My girlfriend, for example, seems to be squeezing and wearing a diaper," says P. "It's pretty funny, but I prefer not to tell him in case he gets angry." Just as you do not really know what face to put when you sing the 'happy birthday', something similar happens in the orgasmIt also depends on the place where you were born, as we tell you here.

The sex toys

Once you finish with them it's a bit uncomfortable for them to stay there, in bed. It is also rare for your partner to find your inflatable doll in your room (and we did not invent it, it has happened, according to F. 33). The best thing is that once you use it, you deflate it again, just in case.

The uncomfortable noises

"Once I was with a girl doing it," T tells us, 25 years old. And suddenly, when we were already calm and something else, there was an unmistakable noise that perplexed us." She almost dies of shame, I laughed and dismissed it, "she explains.
Vaginal farts are produced by air that enters the vagina and is expelled making that noise a little humiliating. They are natural, so you should not be ashamed, but if you want to avoid them you can perform muscle toning exercises, such as Kegel exercises.

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