How to treat oily skin

The oily Posen the main characteristic of having an oily appearance in different areas of the face, specifically in the T - zone, where they often have accumulations of mud and black points. Due to these characteristics, it is usually a type of skin prone to acne.
For this reason, it is common for people who have oily skin to require strict routine treatment to keep the imperfections of the face and the shiny areas of it controlled. If you want to know what is the best routine to treat this type of skin, continue reading.

Deep facial cleansing

Although we know that facial cleanses are a cliché, they are a really important element in the routines to treat oily skin. In fact, they should be applied both day and night. We recommend you wash your face with plenty of water and neutral soap. Subsequently, you can continue scrubbing an ice cube in circular movements over the entire face, to cover the pores and prevent bacteria from entering them creating bait.
Finally, we recommend buying a cleansing gel that is special for oily skin, and that adapts specifically to your skin type. Those indicated are those that must be rinsed with plenty of water. You just have to apply them over your entire face making circular movements, and focus on areas where more fat accumulates, so that you can later remove it with plenty of water.

Is it correct that you hydrate your skin?

The answer to that question is yes, because, even if you don't believe it, oily skin may have to scale in certain areas of the face due to lack of hydration. For this reason, we recommend you find a moisturizing facial cream that has aloe vera, and that is also special for oily skin. In this way, your skin will be hydrated without having a shiny appearance.

Apply natural masks

There are several types of natural masks, which you can easily make at home and that are very helpful to control the oil produced by oily skin. An excellent natural mask for this type of skin is that of tomato since this besides having vitamins A and C fulfills the same function as that of an astringent.
For its preparation, you will need two skinless tomatoes, a large tablespoon of lemon juice, and two large tablespoons of sugar. Beat all the ingredients until a homogeneous mixture is obtained, and apply it on the clean face, making circular movements for 20 minutes. Subsequently, remove with plenty of cold water.

Your facial products should be suitable for oily skin

Many of the people who have oily skin do not notice what ingredients their makeup products, creams, sunscreens have, among other things. This is a serious mistake since many of them contain oily bases that can worsen the skin condition. For this reason, we recommend you review the ingredients of the products, which you will apply on oily skin before buying them.

Maintain a good lifestyle and assist the dermatologist

Finally, we recommend maintaining a healthy diet. Although many people do not believe it, fatty foods such as chocolates or hamburgers can cause a greater accumulation of bait on the face. In addition, it is also important that you drink water regularly.
Now, if you have a face with excess fat and severe acne, it is strictly necessary that you attend a dermatologist so that it analyzes your situation and recommends a solution suitable for your skin.

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