Why do your muscles hurt after exercising?

Feeling pain after exercising is perhaps the reason you abandoned your routine. However, you should know the reason why it hurts and, in turn, what to do to avoid it.
Why does it hurt after exercising? 
The muscles take a while to get used to the movement. The sensation of pain and stiffness, which you feel 24 hours after exercising, is known as late muscle pain and, according to specialists, this discomfort is caused by eccentric muscle contractions, which occur when the muscle contracts, at the same time it lengthens. It usually occurs in muscles that do not have prior training, so this pain originates days after the activity.

This discomfort, which can last up to ten days, is part of a process that will decrease with the time of exercise. If not, you can let your muscles rest one day to give them a break, and then continue physical activity.
What to do to avoid pain? 
1. Take your time

The best thing you can do is practice each movement slowly, this will make the muscle have more time to regenerate and become stronger.
2. Practice 
The best way for your muscles to stop hurting, even the day after exercising, is to exercise more and practice. The more you get used to the movement, the exchange of particles will be faster and better.
3. Internal exercises
Do a routine that involves several movements at the same time, this way, you will give your muscles more time to return to their "natural" state. For example, intersperse a squat and weightlifting so you will relieve pressure from your legs for a few seconds while working the upper part of your body.

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