Losing weight is no secret but just one, that if you really want to lose weight then the number of calories you consumer during the day should be less than the calories that you use up during the day. In short the “Calories in “Should be less than “Calories out” And what works best for women, it’s a 1200 calories a day diet plan. But why 1200 calories diet, what is in this magic number. Basically it’s the minimum number of average calories an average women body uses during the day, and within this calorie range the basic body functions are not disturbed at all with the diet fatigues plus you can consume all nutrients beneficial for body. But how you plan this 1200 calories is extremely important, that if you plan to eat healthy food or just deicide to eat 1200 calories of worth chocolate, fries or other fatty things which will not help in losing the weight instead will increase the fatigue because high fat content foods will hardly be half of the meal only calculating in 1200 calories. Opt for vegetables, fresh fruits and grains to fill up your 1200 calories. Below is a sample 1200 diet plan which is easy to follow without giving the starvation feel.

(A)Early morning
   One glass of warm water with 1tsp of lemon juice

(B)Morning Breakfast:
   Take any of the following items:
1. One cup of milk or one cup of tea or coffee with a little milk (use honey instead of sugar)
2. One mid-size fruit pick any
3. One Slice of bread
4. Two boiled eggs
5. Three small tomatoes or cucumbers (you can use spices with it)

(C) Lunch Meal:
Take any of the following items:
1. Vegetable or non-vegetarian soup of your choice (Flour should not be used in its preparation)
2. Four to Five Tomatoes or Cucumbers (you can use spices with it)
3. One small bowl of cooked vegetables
4. Two small chapatis or a slice of bread
5. One small bowl of Moong dal or any other lentil (30gms)
6. a slice of boiled, broiled, of meat, fish or chicken, no fat should be there and max 200 gms.

(D) Afternoon/ Early evening:
Same as per morning breakfast

(E) Dinner meal:
Same as Lunch meal except that one small bowl of khichree or boiled rice can be taken as a substitute for chapatis or bread.


The below substitutes can be used to keep variation within the diet plan.
1. Grains
Following are the substitutes of 30gm rice
30gm of wheat flour
30gm of jowar
30gm of sago

2. Cereals
Following are the substitutes of 30gm red gram dal
30gm of black gram dal
30gm of moong dal
30gm of field bean dal
30gm of Bengal gram dal
30gm of dry peas

 3. Fat
Following are the substitutes of one teaspoon of vegetable oil
One teaspoon of butter
One teaspoon of ghee (vegetable)
One teaspoon of cream

4. Bread-Biscuits E.t.c
Following are the substitutes of a small bread (30gms)
Two small chapatis
One cup popcorn
Two to three small plain biscuits
One small boiled potato
Ten to fifteen tablespoon of rice

Hope was helpful.
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