Pritikin Diet For Healthy Weight Loss

The Pritikin Diet: a Healthy, Nutritional Weight Loss Plan

    There is nothing extreme about the Pritikin Diet except that it is healthy. Lot of studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, the Pritikin Program of Diet and Exercise has been found to not only promote weight loss but also prevent and control many of the world's leading killers, including diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

What is Pritikin Diet?

The Pritikin diet is a low-fat, high-fibre diet which forms part of the "Pritikin Program for Diet and Exercise", a lifestyle regimen originally created by Nathan Pritikin.
The Pritikin diet was developed in the 1950s by the nutritionist Nathan Pritikin after he was diagnosed with heart disease. Shortly afterward, he put himself on a low-fat, high-fiber diet and began a light exercise program. His health improved and Pritikin developed the Pritikin diet program based on his experience. In 1976 he opened the Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa in Florida.
Nathan Pritikin’s son Robert Pritikin further developed the concept. By the way, besides the Pritikin diet books, there are also Pritikin diet ready meals, an online diet program, and Pritikin vitamins.

 How the Pritikin Principle Works

The Pritikin Principle is a super-low-fat diet;  In a traditionally healthy diet, fat makes up 20 to 30 percent of what you eat. The Pritikin weight-loss program keeps fat under 10 percent. The idea behind this diet is that if you stick to it, you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight.

In addition to being very low in fat, the Pritikin Principle is very high in carbohydrates. You are encouraged to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber grains frequently during the day, an approach that lets you lose weight because you’re lowering your calorie intake and reducing your appetite with filling foods. The Pritikin Principle also encourages stress reduction, exercise, and strong social support.

What Food You Can Eat with Pritikin Diet

There are simple steps to The Pritikin Edge.
Start each meal with soup, salad, fruit, or whole grains. They fill you up, so you're less likely to eat high-fat, high-calorie food.
No more high-calorie drinks, especially soda. A daily glass of wine can be good for the heart, but skip most alcoholic beverages.
Avoid high-calorie foods.
Skip extra salt.
Don’t smoke.
Exercise regularly, combining lots of walking with strength training.
Go easy on meat, especially red meat. Instead, opt for fatty fish like salmon.
Snack at set times and only on healthy foods.
Choose whole, unprocessed foods as often as possible, and always avoid fast food.
Ease stress.
The overall diet is low in fat and high in fiber. The recommended foods are fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, legumes, lean protein, and fish.
Items to minimize include oils, refined sugars, salt, and refined grains. The plan recommends avoiding processed meats, foods high in saturated fat and those made with trans fat, organ meats, processed meats, and high-cholesterol foods like eggs.

Pritikin Diet To Lose Weight

Go wild on vegetables. The more vegetables, including yellow, red, dark green,  or orange vegetables, the better! They’re among the best foods for weight loss.
Limit calorie-dense foods such as dried grains, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds. Avoid refined or concentrated sweeteners. They all pack a lot of calories into very small amounts of food. You’ll find it much easier to feel full and satisfied – and curb hunger – if you focus instead on high-water, high-fiber foods like cooked grains such as oatmeal and brown rice, vegetables, and whole fruits. These foods are low in calorie density.  You’ll eat more – and weigh less.
Steer clear of fruit and vegetable juices because they provide less satiety than whole fruits and vegetables.

Duration of the Pritikin Diet

The low-fat and predominantly vegetarian diet according to the Pritikin principle is intended as a lifelong diet to keep the cardiovascular system healthy. There are no calorie requirements. It should be eaten in such a way that the weight remains stable. However, avocado and nuts/kernels should be eaten carefully (max. 30 g/day) due to their fat content.
If you eat according to Pritikin Diet with the aim of losing weight, the number of calories must be reduced. Because of the small amount of fat, this should not be done for too long.

The Pritikin Principle: Sample Menu

This weight-loss program gets most of its calories from carbohydrates and restricts processed foods, fats, caffeine, sweets, and alcohol. This sample menu contains about 1,200 calories, which break down to 20 percent protein, 70 percent carbohydrates, and less than 10 percent fat:

Breakfast: one-half cup of oatmeal with some jam, one cup of nonfat yogurt, one cup of nonfat milk, and one cup of caffeine-free chicory coffee
Morning snack: one-half of a whole-wheat bagel and one-half of a cantaloupe
Lunch: mixed greens salad,  one baked potato with one-half cup of marinara sauce, fresh fruit, and a whole-wheat roll
Afternoon snack: one-half cup of raw broccoli, one-half cup of cauliflower, and two tablespoons of ranch dressing
Dinner: chicken curry,  mixed salad greens, one cup of asparagus, one-half cup of wild rice, one-half cup of skim milk, and one tablespoon of chutney

Advantage And Disadvantage of Pritikin Diet
Focus on natural foods and lots of vegetables and fruit
Low calorie and protein levels can lead to hunger
Scientific studies prove positive influence on heart health
Whole grain products and vegetables provide a lot of healthy fiber
Sport is a daily component
Very low-fat content
Nothing for meat lovers
Low-salt and low-fat preparation can become monotonous in taste and difficult when eating outdoors.

Does the Pritikin Diet Improve Health?

The Pritikin diet results in reduction in cholesterol by reducing not only cholesterol intake but also overall caloric intake by limiting all high-fat, calorie-dense foods. Currently, long-term data of the effect of the Pritikin diet on mortality, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other chronic disease risks are lacking.
Individuals who wish to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease with a very structured and rigid approach may benefit from the Pritikin diet. For patients with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, the limitation of fat and cholesterol may not be enough to control blood glucose. It is important to consume complex carbohydrates from whole grains, vegetables, and fruits and limit starches.


Because this Pritikin Diet plan is high in nutritional value, balances weight loss with the demands of work and family, and allows a wide range of tasty meals, it’s one of the easiest and most effective weight control systems available. Unlike several “fad diets” which may cause short-term fat loss but offer no long-term, sustainable results, the Pritikin diet can help you lose weight for good. Most doctors and nutritional experts agree that it’s a healthy, nutritional, and effective diet suitable for the whole family.

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